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Why Indian B schools are nearly out of Global B School ranking

Are the Professors in most of these IIMs outdated and sarkari? Now, what is sarkari here? Sarkari is an euphemistic abbreviation for 'life time secured job with 7th, 8th, 9th pay commissions, retirement at 60 and pension thereafter, no appraisal and no one can fire you for poor performance, max you will not get promotion a few cycles or will be relegated to a useless role, function and department.  At IIM Ahmedabad when Prof. Vijay Govindarajan Professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business visited and spoke with the professors there, proudly said, "sir, we are teaching those case studies which were your favorites when you taught here. Prof. Govindarajan was shocked and asked them, 'who allows to teach 20 year old and outdated cases here? This is why I call many of these govt controlled and protected colleges as sarkari. Ph.D is another horrible criterion for teaching. One research and a degree to teach. Such academic dinosaurs have taken modern business studies 6 f…

Jeena isi ka naam hai!

My wife is an astrologer and numerologist for past 10 years. I got in touch with astrology/astrologer when I was preparing for Civil Services. The astrologer told, Civil Services not possible. Moon_Rahu in 10th house, Mars debilitated and combust, Sun very weak. Kaal-Sarp yoga, Grahan Yoga, Kem Drum Yoga, Sakath yoga and as many as 8 very bad yogas and just one good yoga (Budhaditya yoga). I could not make it to Civil Services for true. Got into Border Security Force as Assistant Commandant after lots of challenges (3 times they did not send me my admit card), Then finally they sent a post, you did not attach the DD so form rejected, I had proof so I sent registered post and then they accepted their mistake  and issued me admit card. Just before my physical and interview, I had typhoid. I still made it through the physical and interviews and my rank of 98 out of some 138 folks selected. Moon debilitaed, dead Sun, Grahan Yoga in 10th house of profession and career. But true, I did not…

50% of IIT entrants this yr did not take coaching

50% of IIT entrants this yr did not take coaching NRN has been one of the sharpest critics of falling the levels of IITians in terms of their intellect and core competency as engineers! Coaching classes started churning a new breed of IITians who cracked the entrance test, the way they were taught to crack. Remember they were taught in a particular way to crack the exam. They learnt the trips and tricks at Kota and Vishakhapatma, two large centers of IIT coaching in India. Made for IIT, built in Kota and Vishakhapatnam!  Slowly this fast food way of preparing a tangy dish started to taste soggy! Regular Recruiters at IITs started to get the commonly found intellect and DNA of IIT missing from their candidates they interviewed at IITs. They started to complain but they did not know for long what was ailing large bunch of IITians. In my experience too of hiring from IITs (Bombay,Madras, Delhi and KGP) I realized (in many cases) candidates were sounding nothing extra ordinary in their ap…

Employer branding and social media

Employer branding begins but does not end till the time you have taken a good merry go round of the real-virtual platforms that gives you visibility as a credible employer.
I have my takes on the platforms that companies use! Interfaces Platform Importance/Impact- Career page Company website "Importance-Talent marketing hinges on to career page, every other campaign in hiring revolves around it. It is the centerpiece Impact- If you are able to pull talent on career page from all other open market media, you have very high possibility of converting that candidate. Here you feed him with company vision, products, people and culture. Battle won!" LinkedIn Professional media"Importance- LinkedIn is undisputed, the most reputable media to professionally talk about company and people etc and seek talent attention! Impact- Here you can either be applying the same mind set as generally companies have for Naukri, IIMJObs or you can create your niche presence!" Facebook Social media…

Oh, you search 'key words', let me pad it a bit!

This morning, a Whats app message from a college friend asked me "What are 3 top reasons, people fake their resume? (some call it padding or puffing the resume). This friend is a senior HR professional! 
I responded to the message (not directed at him, but in general) as below-
1. To cover gaps that embarrass him! (Just using him but you can assume both sexes) 
2. To regret how he lived another man's life, and 
3. To get back to life, searching for the spine and get ready for another F#$#$@* fake life

Imagine , how offending each of these responses look like if these are truths for that person! 
Another HR friend and MBA batch-mate had called me a week back asking for, how to get his resume shortlisted for the HR role. He is an MBA-HR but working in Change management for past 6/7 years. I asked him to add some consulting project snippets as supplements to his resume, citing change management through HR change interventions!

He told me that recruiters, who shortlist our resumes look …

Book Review: Reality Bytes - The Role of HR in Today’s World

Book Review: Reality Bytes - The Role
of HR in Today’s World
Author: Aparna Sharma
Good read as the first book in HR. Remains focused on the HR topics as a text book but falls hugely short of a text book, if compared with best HR text books. As a reference book, it again disappoints when the book has remained in a teaching mode and hardly has any place for developing any connect with the reader. No jargon makes it easy for anyone to read.  Being author’s first book with a disclaimer that it is primarily for the HR students at undergrads and masters and still good enough for the new HR Managers sets the expectations right.
At times it is difficult to find out, if this is a text book or a reference book. Ideally looking at very little touch of reality into the book, be it caselets or the stray examples, book travels mostly into the past. None of the caselets have any close significance or resonance with recent corporate examples. Not sure why author did not pick up any examples from compan…

Sad to hear about you Dear HR

Why is HR in most places getting so casual? What is troubling them? Is there a systemic failure or it is a design/conspiracy against HR? Why HR is running HR like their fiefdom? Why they think no one is watching them for their being so whimsical, casual, careless?
I see most HR guys seriously stressed despite their high levels of commitment, they perform much below expectations. One HR President wrote on LinkedIn post: HR IS DEAD, LONG LIVE HR. Reasons are many but the biggest , some suggest are the following: Culture and profile mis-fit for many who are parked or harbored in HR. No wonder Richard Rekhi , MD, KPMG India chose a non-HR background/education (read degree/certificate) person to head India HR.
Many found the most arrogant and selfish folks in HR, Most incompetent often land in there as it is thought as an easy job, ‘coz, decisions are actually made by others in business. Hiring decisions to promotions to training to bonuses to transfers are all dictated by business. It is…

HR in the driving seat:Hail HR

How have things changed from when you started to now?
If you talk about HR or Recruiting (considerably a sub function of HR) it is an evolving function and lots of thought leadership and experiments have been done to identify/spot talent. Tools galore and interviewing and assessment techniques are getting used to make hiring very objective process. We have certainly moved from the ‘pigeonholing’ hiring time and now are the time we see war for talent in India evident in face of start up revolution we are witnessing . Word ‘talent’ has got its meaning in true sense as hiring has traveled from bean counter mind-set to focusing on building sustainable (and predictable) stellar performance, that only talent can deliver. Skills and past achievements on which previous day hiring was based is losing sheen as skills and past achievements are outcomes not the real hidden prime factor (talent) that interviewers are trying to find. Strengths based tools used for assessing tech, functional or leade…

STABBED AND KILLED: Safety, Mobile phone and Company responsibilities

Unfortunate incident in the Parramatta park, Sydney at 9.30 pm on a Saturday, 7th March 2015 night, , a woman worker returning home after double shift at a 'desi' company, Mindtree, gets stabbed, dies..
IGNORING WARNINGS AND OBVIOUS SIGNS OF DANGER: WE ARE DESI! Report says, her roommate had warned her several times not to take the isolated Parramatta park route to home but she did not listen. How come a lady dares to cross isolated park at 9.30 pm on a holiday (Saturday)? Does just being on mobile phone and talking all through help one save life and attack? No, it is just a psychological "hiding the fear" tool. It does not avert the danger.  MY MOBILE: MY PERSONAL BODYGUARD? I see many girls and women on phone when they travel in public transport..This gives them a feeling that they are with someone they know, maybe virtually.  BUT that is the biggest risk that it becomes. You ignore the danger near and around you as you are so inwardly looking and turning a blind eye a…